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Are you:

  • a student looking for more interesting, high-quality courses to support your interests and further your career?
  • looking for Canadian content hosted on Canadian servers and priced in Canadian $?
  • wanting to be officially recognized by a respected organization for your proficiency in what you've learned?

You can either sign up for a CoursePond course as an independent student, or register through an affiliated school or organization.

In order to register for a course (and view course prices):

    1. Create an account from

cphelp create an account student1

    1. Follow the prompts to create a username, enter your full name, email address, and create and confirm a password.

If you are not affiliated with a specific school and just want to purchase the course outright, select student as the type of user; then select either post-secondary or secondary (high school); then select Independent (not affiliated with any school).

Otherwise, select or enter your school name, and you will be able to register for courses associated with your school after logging in.

  1. Make sure to select I'm not a robot before clicking on the blue Register button:
  2. CHECK your email for an email message with an activation link (similar to the sample email below). CLICK on the activation link to activate your login:
  3. You will be taken to the site to login:
  4. You can now log into the site to see course prices and register for courses.